Dare we close our eyes?

photo Patrik Gunnar Helin



Do you remember the fragrance?

It takes you back to memories and leads through transparent layers into the unknown.


Carmen Olsson and artist Åsa Herrgård in a collaboration about fragrance and memory.

The work was part of the international research project Olfactory Art and Science Research.

A journey of fragrance, to where does it lead?

Traces of scents, backwards and forwards.

Through what has been, what is, and what we still do not know the smell of.

In longing, vulnerability, intimacy, missing and wonder,

who is the sensitive and vulnerable

human being when she closes her eyes?


Personal memories of fragrance connect inner and outer worlds and take shape

in a performance of dance, scenography and music.


Carmen Olsson - dance & choreography

Åsa Herrgård - scenography

Harald Svensson - music

photo and film Patrik Gunnar Helin