Body Weather

Body Weather, BW, is a comprehensive training and performance practice to develop ones physical, mental and social body. The work aims to investigate the human nature of the body, the mind and the environments it exists in and relates to. 

BW ranges from intensely dynamic and physical to deeply sensitive and delicate exercises. Bodies do just like the weather constantly change through an infinite and complex system of processes occurring in- and outside of these bodies. BW is a way to explore oneself, the group and the environment.       

BW was founded in the 1980’s in Japan by dancer Min Tanaka.

Carmen Olsson, dancer / choreographer and landscape architect, has since 1993 worked with Body Weather, in Japan, Europe and Australia.

The work is not only for dancers and other performance practitioners but for anyone interested in exploring the body and physical presence. Dance experience and technical skills are not needed but the work requires a wholehearted physical and mental participation.

BW workshop

BW workshop performance

Skalbankarna i Uddevalla


Training dynamics

 MB (mind/body, muscles/bones). An energetic, dynamic and rhythmic movement workout, which observes the kinaesthetic sensitivity of the body-in-motion while developing strength, flexibility and grounding.

Manipulations. Structured and paced work with partners, concerned with breathing, stretching, alignment and relaxation.

 A wide forum of explorations to encourage an open and effective listening to one’s mind and body and one’s environment. Emphasis is given on observation and feedback as a means to objectify experience and to sharpen and articulate the perception of bodies.